what to care about when you buy trampoline park?

what to care about when you buy trampoline park?


1. There should be no less than two safety exits on the site, and it is better to have an independent entrance and exit. When the shopping mall is a high-rise building, an independent entrance and exit must be provided. No obstacles should be placed at the fire exit.

2. The laying of electrical wiring must meet the requirements of the specification, and the pipes must be in place. When using high-power electrical appliances, keep a sufficient distance from combustibles.

3. Develop practical emergency evacuation plans and organize drills on a regular basis to keep the evacuation passages unobstructed. The site must have a safe passage of 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters.

4. Equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency lights for fire accidents and evacuation signs.

Second, the height of the venue

For children's venues, the net height of the venue must be 4m, and for adults, the net height of the venue must be more than 4.5m. We recommend that the net height of the site is more than 5.2m, so that it is not restricted by the age group, and some projects with higher height requirements are also not restricted.

Third, the ground and pillars of the venue

The ground of the site needs to be level, well ventilated, and have as few columns as possible.

4. Site area

We recommend 600-2000 square meters or more for the indoor trampoline field size, which can maximize the customer experience and quickly bring profit. It is worth mentioning that in a comprehensive indoor trampoline, the trampoline equipment itself generally only accounts for 55 to 70 percent of the entire venue, and the rest is used for supporting facilities, such as cafes, viewing tables, receptions, etc.

1. Children under the age of five must be looked after by their parents or guardians, otherwise it is forbidden to play in the trampoline area; it is forbidden to use the trampoline net or soft bag to avoid sprains or fractures; when jumping and falling, try to touch the ground with your feet to avoid other Fall in part;

2. To enter the trampoline area, please remove foreign objects such as jewelry, necklaces, ear studs, earrings, etc.; long nails and glasses are forbidden. Girls need to tie up their hair with elastic (do not use hairpins) to prevent these objects from being injured during exercise. To oneself

3. Please do not send valuables such as mobile phone wallets to the storage locker, and bring them into the trampoline area and lose them due to improper storage. This site does not assume any responsibility.

4. Please do not wear shoes to enter the trampoline area. For a good experience, we recommend that you wear professional trampoline non-slip socks, which you can buy at the cashier at the front desk.

5. It is strictly forbidden to bring glass and other fragile objects, various containers, beverage bottles, wooden sticks, sharp objects and similar objects into the trampoline;

6. A trampoline allows one person to play, and it is forbidden to rest or sleep on the trampoline.

7. Please protect your wrists, ankles and waist when your body is out of balance. Try to use your buttocks and back to contact the net surface within a predictable range. It is absolutely forbidden to support the net surface with your hands. People without professional training practice trampoline. The bounce height cannot be too high.

8. It is strictly forbidden to chase, push and pull, hit people, somersault and difficult movements without permission in the trampoline. If the on-site staff has repeatedly persuaded and stopped not listening, the person can be cleared for the safety of other personnel. Out of the trampoline area;

9. After taking drugs or drinking, people who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, arms and legs injuries and other people who are not suitable for this kind of exercise are strictly prohibited from entering, conceal all accidents caused by their own physical diseases, and take the consequences at their own risk. Take any responsibility;

10. This trampoline park is an indoor public place. For the health of you and others, smoking is strictly prohibited;

11. Please do not climb over the guardrail, do not throw objects into the trampoline, rest area and outside the trampoline. There are special garbage bags and trash bins inside and outside the trampoline;

12. It is strictly forbidden to bring controlled knives, flammable, explosive, and corrosive items into the trampoline that may endanger the public safety of the venue and the laws and regulations of my country.

13. Parents or guardians should not leave the trampoline when the child is practicing trampoline to prevent the child from getting lost after getting off the trampoline.

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