Trackless train

Trackless train

Trackless train detail: Specification Model TZTT01 Size(LxWxH) 4330*1750*2550 mm ……
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Product Detail:

Trackless train detail:





4330*1750*2550 mm

Grouping type

One train head


Train head passenger

2 persons

Max speed

20km/h(Full load)

Front/rear track


Front/back suspension




Total weight

 About 2990kg

Turning radius


Start the battery model

Q100-2/12VWith low temperature starter


Fast transmission, low noise and light weight, 5DS50TB mechanical manual plug-in 3-speed gearbox.

Air compressor

Cummins Original timing gear transmission natural intake air compressor, capacity 175cc

Dynamic parameter


CumminsISF Series 2.8L full electronically controlled diesel engine

Exhaust volume


rated power

96kw/3200rpm  (130HP)

Emission Standards

Euro IV

Maximum torque


Exhaust gas treatment

EGR Exhaust gas treatment system

Realized Euro IV emission standards using cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC)

Chassis system




H-shaped stringer High-strength chassis system


Leaf spring non-independent suspension

transfer method

4 * 2 single-wheel drive constant speed universal joint drive

Steering mode

Full hydraulic horizontal cylinder steering device

Front tire

Tractor special 6.50-10

Rear tire


Service brake

UNI air + hydraulic combination dual brake system, two-way self-increasing drum brake, emergency automatic parking system for the carriage

Parking brake

Manual air brake

Traction method

Towbar with self-balancing function, super durable heavy-duty connector. In case of an emergency in the front of the car, the car is more stable and safer.



Electrical System

Tour guide system

The vehicle is equipped with a guided tour amplifier explanation system.


Tractor heads are equipped with headlights, turn signals, brake lights, warning lights, etc.


Inductive fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, hour meter, oil indicator, turn indicator, power generation indicator.

sound system

MP5 player, 19 inch LCD display, stereo, monitoring system, driving recorder.

Special equipment

● The front cab has air conditioning ● Adjustable steering wheel ● Gramer seat


Tourist sightseeing trackless trains will speed up the development of scenic spots or parks or mall and playgrounds and improve the quality of tourism projects. This train has a beautiful appearance and is unique highlight of scenic spot.

Tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery as they sit on a scenic sightseeing train. this feeling is definitely a new experience for tourists, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way while enjoying a happy life. Use places: scenic spots, parks, commercial streets, squares and fairground.

Such new designed trains are easy to handle & maintain.

It could carry a mass of passengers with one driver.

(a) We can change cars' appearances and/or colors according to your demands.

(b) We can replace the engine with a diesel one or an electric motor(with/without solar panels) according to your demands.


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